Water-Based Wood Stain

This stain enhances the beauty of bare wood surfaces with intense color. It is a fast drying, semi-transparent wood stain with easy water cleanup.

Technical Data Sheet

Where to Use
Water-Based Wood Stain is recommended for use on bare, interior wood surfaces or surfaces from which the previous finish has been removed.

Ideal for use on cabinets, furniture, doors, trim, crafts, floors, and more.

Surface Preparation
The wood surface must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, wax, grease, or glue.

New Wood: Lightly wet the surface with water to raise the wood grain. Once the grain has been raised, allow the wood to thoroughly dry. Sand surface smooth and remove dust particles with a clean cloth. Always sand in the direction of the woodgrain. Surface is now ready to stain.

Previously Finished Surfaces: Restore to bare wood by completely removing the old finish. Lightly wet the bare surface with water to raise the wood grain. Once the grain has been raised, allow the wood to dry thoroughly. Sand surface smooth and remove dust particles with a clean cloth. Surface is now ready to stain.

Stir thoroughly before and during application for even distribution of color.

  • Apply a liberal, even coat of stain with a nylon/polyester brush, foam brush, staining pad, cloth, or sprayer. Maintain a wet edge.
  • While still wet, remove excess with a clean cloth, wiping in the direction of the woodgrain. To avoid lap marks, stain to the end of an area.
  • Never stop in the middle of a surface area.
  • If color penetration is uneven, re-wet the surface with more stain and wipe excess with a clean cloth, blending the uneven areas. If stain dries too fast, reduce stain approximately 5% to 10% with water.
  • For added color depth, apply additional coats of stain after the first coat has dried thoroughly.


Helpful Hints
Large areas, such as floors, may require two people. Complete small sections with one person applying the stain and the other person wiping the stain.

A Water-Based Wood Stain Natural Tint Base is available to achieve Old Masters stain colors or any custom colors by adding universal colorants. Formulas are available upon request. PLEASE NOTE, USING THE NATURAL TINT BASE TO TINT ANY OF THE AVAILABLE READY-MIX COLORS WILL CREATE THE SAME COLOR SHADE, BUT WILL NOT MATCH THE VIBRANCY AND DEPTH OF COLOR OF THE READY-MIX STAIN COLORS.

Thinning is not recommended; however, a small amount of water may be added to provide a longer wet edge.

Approximately 400 square feet per gallon. Spreading rate will vary significantly depending on application method and the porosity and texture of wood.

Drying Time
Allow the stain to dry 2 to 3 hours before applying protective finish. Apply when air and surface temperatures are between 60° and 90°F and humidity is between 30% and 70%. Do not apply below 55°F. Keep product from freezing.

Application tools and hands can be cleaned with soap and water.

Recommended Finish Coat
We recommend  Old Masters clear finishes. Most lacquers, varnishes and polyurethanes may be used; however, testing for compatibility is suggested.

MAX VOC: 246 grams/liter (2.0 lbs/gal)

Why Stain?

Old Masters uses only the finest ingredients to create the highest quality stains available today. Old Masters stains can be used to:

  • Add rich color and depth to wood surfaces. (Use Penetrating Stain, Wiping Stain, Gel Stain or Water-Based Wood Stain)
  • Change the color of other surfaces including fiberglass, metal and composition surfaces. (Use Wiping and Gel Stain)
  • Change existing colors on previously finished surfaces. (Use Penetrating, Wiping or Gel Stain)
  • Match color tone on different kinds of woods and non-porous surfaces such as fiberglass. (Use Wiping or Gel Stain)

Supplies List for Staining Projects:

  • Sand Paper — Medium Grade (100 to 120 grit)
  • Sand Paper — Fine Grade (160 to 220 grit)
  • Sanding Block
  • Vacuum
  • Lint-free Cloth
  • Tack Rag
  • Stain
  • Scrap Test Piece
  • Stir Stick and Dropcloth
  • Bristle Brush, Synthetic Brush, Foam Brush Applicator, Cheese Cloth or Rags
  • Mineral Spirits or Paint Thinner
  • Rubber Gloves
Product Number Color Size Safety Data Sheets
76101 Natural Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench
76104 Natural Quart EnglishSpanishFrench
76105 Natural 5 Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench
77101 Golden Oak Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench
77104 Golden Oak Quart EnglishSpanishFrench
77105 Golden Oak 5 Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench
77116 Golden Oak Half Pint EnglishSpanishFrench
77301 Red Mahogany Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench
77304 Red Mahogany Quart EnglishSpanishFrench
77305 Red Mahogany 5 Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench
77316 Red Mahogany Half Pint EnglishSpanishFrench
77401 Provincial Gallon EnglishSpanishFrench