Tack Rags

Tack rags are used to remove dust from surfaces prior to the application of stains, clear finishes, paints, or sealers. Slightly sticky, the cloth works much better than a plain rag to help ensure a clean surface prior to finishing. This rag is especially useful in removing sanding dust.

Tack rags are recommended for use prior to the application of oil-based stains, clear finishes, paints, or sealers. Do not use tack rags when using water-based products, as the rag could leave a residue that would interfere with penetration and adhesion of water-based products.

Tack rags are also useful between coats of stains or finishes, as the small pieces of dust or debris can land on the surface while the project is drying.

Tack rags are often a single-use item. They can not be rinsed out and reused. Once the rag is filled with dust and debris, throw it away and begin with a new rag.

Do not apply excessive pressure when using tack rags. A light dusting across the surface will capture dust and debris.