Custom Colors

Old Masters offers the unique ability to create one-of-a-kind, custom stain colors. Custom colors can be achieved through a variety of different methods to meet your individual needs. Penetrating, Wiping and Gel Stain are available in 23 popular colors. Custom colors can be achieved by tinting Old Masters Natural Tint Base or by tinting any of the 23 ready-mixed stain colors with universal colorants. Pickling White can also be used to create contemporary Santa Fe colors. Note: Wiping and Gel Stain Santa Fe colors will produce an intense vibrant color; Penetrating Stain will produce a more subdued color tone. Old Masters Water-Based Wood Stain is available in a Tintable Base. Use this Natural Tint Base to tint and mix an endless rainbow of colors.


Old Masters Penetrating, Wiping and Gel Stains can also be intermixed to create custom colors. Intermixing can be attained through two different techniques. One technique is to intermix stain colors within the same stain family. For instance, intermixing American Walnut Wiping Stain with Rich Mahogany Wiping Stain. Another technique is to intermix between two different stain families. For instance, intermixing Old Masters Wiping Stain and Old Masters Gel Stain. Intermixing between Stain Families captures the application qualities of each stain when combined and can achieve a more workable consistency. Old Masters Water-Based Wood Stains can be intermixed as well, but cannot be mixed with oil-based stains.

Custom Color Matching

Color matching can be achieved through the methods mentioned above. A sample of the desired color is helpful in color matching. Bring your sample to a local Old Masters dealer where a trained professional can assist you.

Note: Universal colorants are not widely available, and therefore, we suggest you seek the assistance of a trained professional when universal colorants are needed for tinting. Most paint stores, hardware stores, lumberyards or home centers offer this service.