Red Mahogany

Why We Love It

An updated version of classic cherry, Red Mahogany creates an environment of contemporary luxury. The warm, earth tones enhance architectural interest, transforming simple moldings into works of art.

Elegance at every turn, this shade provides the ultimate guest experience . . . even if it’s your own home. Red Mahogany continues to be a favorite of design enthusiasts worldwide and a welcomed addition to any home.


A Modern Twist on Traditional Luxury

As you step into this entryway you are surrounded by rich tradition. The ambiance is reminiscent of a classic Christmas carol; crisp and familiar. In contrast to wood and warm tones, painted white bead board and trim add a modern, tailored style. Neutral walls are the perfect backdrop for everything else to shine. Bathed in sunlight, this entryway is the perfect place to sit down and kick off your shoes.

To replicate the floor in this space, we suggest using Old Masters Red Mahogany Wiping Stain, Old Masters Sanding Sealer, and Old Masters Oil-Based Polyurethane.

Wood Species

on maple
on pine
on birch
on oak
on poplar
on fiberglass