Why We Love It

Cheerful and precocious, Pecan is both sugar and spice; pleasing yet enticing. Woodgrain is enveloped in hues of roasted squash and molasses. Like an enthusiastic strawberry blonde, Pecan radiates warmth and conveys an easygoing attitude. Showcase any furniture style using this sassy shade to set the tone for a compelling focal point.


Simple Surroundings

Uncomplicated, this bedroom is a lesson in less is more. Strong tawny brown walls anchor the room and provide a dominant backdrop for the Craftsman style headboard, creating a cozy atmosphere. The Pecan finished furniture is simple but brightens the room with amber tones and contrasts both the deep wall color and soothing bed linens. The floral duvet is a welcomed relief from the structured design of the room. Sheer draperies soften the lines adding romance and allowing natural light to dance about the space.

To replicate the furniture in this space, we suggest using Old Masters Pecan Penetrating, Old Masters Oil-Based Sanding Sealer and Old Masters Oil-Based Polyurethane.

Wood Species

on maple
on pine
on birch
on oak
on poplar
on fiberglass