Why We Love It

With shades of glowing amber, Maple reflects light and creates the feel of open space. A vintage shade, it regains popularity when paired with modern design elements. Wildly contrasting, this hue enhances most color pallets and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Like the aromas of your favorite comfort food, this color says “welcome home”.


A Charming Living Room

Subdued, the color scheme in this living creates a chic, tranquil space. Well tailored furniture appears sophisticated without being pretentious. Accents of black and zebra print pillows add a modern flair while the fireplace and mantel ground the room in traditional. Maple stained floors pops dramatically against muted wall tones. An understated floor rug anchors the space and creates vivid contrast to the wood floor.

To imitate the floor in this room, we recommend using Old Masters Maple Penetrating Stain, Old Masters Oil-Based Sanding Sealer and Old Masters Oil-Based Polyurethane.

Wood Species

on maple
on pine
on birch
on oak
on poplar
on fiberglass