Dark Mahogany

Why We Love It

Unashamed, Dark Mahogany makes a statement by bearing its soul and exposing its raw beauty. It wraps itself around the woodgrain, highlighting both features and flaws. Gleaming with golden rose undertones, this shade is compatible with an endless array of design styles and colors. Dark Mahogany will make a statement in any room with its resourceful ability to constantly adapt.


Exposed Elegance

Newly constructed, this entryway makes a grand entrance with an imposing staircase. A mix of materials, the stairwell is a departure from classic architectural design as it combines stained and painted finishes and black wrought iron spindles. Clean and crisp, the white painted recessed paneled wainscoting accentuates the dramatic richness of the hardwood floor. Uniting each space, the floor flows fluently from room to room. The warm wall tone draws the eye up and adds the perfect finishing touch to this space.

To replicate the floor in this space, we suggest using Old Masters Dark Mahogany Wiping Stain, Old Masters Oil-Based Sanding Sealer and Old Masters Oil-Based Polyurethane.

Wood Species

on maple
on pine
on birch
on oak
on poplar
on fiberglass