Optional Part B Hardener

Product Details

Use Optional Part B Hardener Additive for added protection, chemical resistance and superior durability. For use with Masters Armor™ only.  Provides maximum protection on high traffic floors, bar or table tops.



Optional Part B Hardener Additive is for use with Masters Armor™ only.

Great for use on heavy floor traffic, bar or table tops.

Easy 3 step directions:

1. Add 4 ounces per gallon.

2. Mix in slowly.

3. Stir thoroughly.

• Pot life is 72 hours once added to Masters Armor.

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Why use clear finishes?

Clear finishes are used to seal and protect surfaces. In many cases, clear finishes offer lasting, durable protection from abrasion, marring and chipping.  Most clear finishes also protect the surfaces from damage caused by water and alcohol.  Exterior clear finishes provide protection to withstand water, weather and sunlight.  

Supplies List for Clear Finishing:

  • Fine Grade Sand Paper or Nylon Sanding Pad
  • Tack cloth or clean cloth
  • Stir Stick and Drop Cloth
  • Quality, China Bristle Brush

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