Lambswool Applicator

Product Details

This stain pad’s large 3 1/2″ x 5″ surface allows for quick application of stain or clear finish to large areas and projects. This applicator holds up to a half-pint of stain. The 1/2″ thick, 100% pure lambswool pad is securely attached to a hardwood frame for durability.

Where to Use

The Stain Applicator can be used for both stain and finish applications.  It is excellent for use on large, flat surfaces such as table tops and floors.


Directions for Stain Application

  1. Remove any excess fiber from the lambswool applicator
  2. Dip the pad in stain and begin applying the product to your project.
  3. Work in small sections.
  4. Allow the stain to penetrate surface from 5 to 15 minutes
  5. Wipe with a soft cloth, first across the grain, then with the grain. 

Directions for Finish Application

  1. Remove any excess fiber from the lambswool applicator
  2. Many people often saturate the pad with mineral spirits when using oil-based clear finishes. For water-based clear finishes, dampen the pad with water.
  3. Blot the pad with rags to ensure it is moistened but not actively dripping.
  4. Dip the pad in your finish and begin applying the product to your project.
  5. Apply an even, thin coat without puddles or drops.

Learn More

Old Masters Stain Applicator is made from 100% pure lambswool. Lambswool applicators are ideal for applying the following products:

  • Oil or Water-Based Polyurethane • Shellac • Varnish • Stains • Conversion varnish • Sanding sealer
  • Lacquer sanding sealer • Wax

Helpful Hints before any staining and finishing application:

  • Be certain you have all the supplies you need before you begin. Like most staining and finishing projects, it’s hard to stop once you’ve started.
  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Remove any dirt, wax, grease, glue or other contaminants before application.
  • Secure a dust free environment with good ventilation when applying any stain or clear finish.
  • Test the stain or clear finish on a test piece. This helps to ensure color and gloss accuracy before you begin.