Woodgrain Filler

Product Details

This product is designed to fill the pores of open grain woods and helps to achieve a smooth finish. Woodgrain Filler is natural in color, but is best used when intermixed with a solvent-based wood stain to obtain desired colors.


Where to Use
Woodgrain Filler is recommended for interior use on open-pre wood species or woods with large imperfections. Especially recommended for use on hardwoods such as oak, ash and mahogany.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dirt, wax or grease.

Bare Wood: If persistent wax exists, remove with fine steel wool saturated with paint thinner or alcohol. Surface must be lightly sanded and sanding dust removed.

Previously Finished Surfaces: Strip the surface completely down to bare wood with paint or varnish remover, making sure all previous finishes are removed. Surface must be sanded smooth and sanding dust removed.


  • Stir thoroughly before and during application.
  • Thin Woodgrain Filler with ratio of 2 parts filler to 1 part wood stain. Mix thoroughly.
  • Apply using a clean, soft brush, plastic scraper or cloth. Apply the filler in the direction of the grain to ensure filler packs into the grain.
  • Let filler set for 5 to 15 minutes. Remove excess using a clean burlap type rag, working across the grain. To eliminate any streaks, wipe lightly once more, this time with the grain.
  • Woodgrain Filler will thoroughly dry in 4 hours.
  • Sand smooth and remove dust.
  • Surface is now ready for finishing coats. If the stain color is lighter than desired, add an additional coat of stain.

Helpful Hints
Filler used in its natural form may prevent your project from accepting stain due to differences in porosity of the natural wood and Woodgrain Filler. It will also prevent the filler from drying in a timely fashion. We highly recommend thinning this product with wood stain. Test this product on a sample piece before starting your project. Old Masters® Woodgrain Filler dries hard and may at times have some very minor shrinkage. If no staining is desired, be sure to let the filled surface dry 4 hours before applying varnish or clear finishes. Allow 16 hours before applying a lacquer.

Old Masters® Woodgrain Filler must be thinned with a ratio of 2 parts filler to 1 part wood stain. Mix thoroughly. If a natural color is desired, mix Woodgrain Filler with Old Masters® Natural colored stain. We do NOT recommend the use of mineral spirits or paint thinner in place of stain.

Approximately 500 square feet per gallon depending on the type and porosity of wood.

Drying Time
Woodgrain Filler will set up in 5 to 15 minutes and will be thoroughly dry in approximately 4 hours. Ensure surface is completely dry before applying varnish or Old Masters® Clear Finishes. Wait 16 hours before topcoating with a lacquer. Drying time will be affected by temperature and humidity.

Using a cleaning solvent, such as paint thinner or mineral spirits, is recommended for cleanup. The use of paint thinners or mineral spirits may violate VOC compliancy in your area. Check with your local government agencies to ensure proper compliancy.

To avoid spontaneous combustion during temporary storage, soak soiled rags and waste immediately after use in a water-filled, closed metal container.

Recommended Finish Coat
We recommend Old Masters® clear finishes. However, this filler can be topcoated with most clears. If a lacquer topcoat is desired, test for compatibility before using.

MAX VOC: 190 grams/liter (3.3 lbs/gal)

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Proper Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation can be the most important step of any stain or finish project. Below are some helpful tips that will help you achieve a professional looking finish every time.

FILLING WOODGRAIN     Some open-pore wood species or woods with large imperfections may require an additional step to prepare the surface for staining and finishing. Creating a smooth finish on these woods can be obtained by using Old Masters® Woodgrain Filler. Use on hardwoods, such as oak, ash and mahogany. Use as directed.

CONDITIONING       Some woods like pine, fir, maple and poplar absorb stain unevenly creating a blotchy appearance. Old Masters® Wood Conditioner is a clear wood sealer which enables uniform stain application under oil or water based stains. Stain must be applied over Wood Conditioner within 2 hours.  Ideal for use on soft woods which are being stained with or adjacent to hardwoods.

SANDING SEALERS     Use a sandable basecoat or sealer prior to the application of varnishes or polyurethanes. Old Masters® Oil-based and Water-Based Sanding Sealers may be applied to all types of bare or stained woods.  Using these products helps to promote a smooth, fine finish.

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