Old Masters Scratchide touch-up pen will disguise unsightly scratches on doors, woodwork, paneling, wood floors, kitchen cabinets, and more. The pen is formulated to repair your wood projects quickly and easily in one step.  Wipe it off quickly to obtain lighter colors or leave it on longer to obtain darker colors. Choose from ten popular colors.

  1. Shake pen well.
  2. Hold pen point down and pen shaft straight up; push down multiple times on pen tip until the stain saturates the felt tip. Do not over saturate the tip.
  3. Color in scratched area and wipe off excess if needed. Reapply to darken color after stain dries or blend with another color to obtain desired color.

Where to Use

Scratchide is recommended for use on interior wood surfaces. Ideal for use on doors, woodwork, paneling, wood floors, kitchen cabinets, and more. Also excellent for craft and hobby projects.

Product Number Color Size Safety Data Sheets
10011 Gray .5 oz English
10012 White .5 oz English
10013 Natural .5 oz English
10014 Deep Brown .5 oz English
10020 Dark Brown .5 oz English
10040 Medium Brown .5 oz English
10050 Mahogany .5 oz English
10060 Black .5 oz English
10080 Red Brown .5 oz English
10090 Light Brown .5 oz English