Putty Stick

Product Details

Cover and fill unsightly nail holes and mitered joints quickly and easily on any wood project with Old Masters® Putty Sticks. Putty Sticks may also be used on vinyl, leather and various craft projects. Available in 8 popular colors.


Old Masters Putty Stick should be used after the final finish coat has hardened. Begin by testing color and results on desired surface before proceeding. Rub over nail holes, miter or scratch until it is filled, wipe away excess with cloth. Using a small amount of cleaning solvent, such as mineral spirits, is helpful to remove excess.

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Where to Use

Putty Sticks can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, vinyl and leather.  Ideal for cabinets, woodwork, paneling and veneers.


Putty Sticks are available in 8 popular colors. White, Natural, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Deep Brown, Red Brown and Mahogany.

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