Penetrating Sealer

Product Details

This product is a clear, penetrating oil formulated with natural Tung Oil. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. On wood surfaces this product seals out moisture to enhance the life and natural appearance of wood, while preventing staining and checking. On masonry and concrete it will produce a moisture seal that reduces concrete dusting, staining and efflorescence. Penetrating Sealer also hardens masonry and natural rock surfaces and reduces frost damage. It contains Ultra-Violet Absorbers for advanced sun protection.



Where to Use
Penetrating Sealer is recommended for use on wood, masonry and concrete. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, this product can also be used as a seal coat under clear finishes or paint.

Directions for Use
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dirt, wax, grease, glue and other contaminants or penetration will be affected.

Wood Surfaces:

  • Sand bare wood if necessary and remove dust.
  • Apply two or more liberal coats of Penetrating Sealer, depending on porosity of the wood, at 10 to 15 minute intervals.
  • Allow final coat to stand 10 minutes, wipe off excess sealer.
  • Apply desired finish coat after surface has dried 12 to 18 hours.

Note: When used as an exterior finish coat, do not build an excessive film.

Masonry Surfaces:

  • Remove all loose particles by wire brushing. Excessive stains or grease-spotted surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned before applying sealer.
  • Neutralize new concrete, masonry, stucco or brick prior to application of sealer.
  • Apply liberal coats as required. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for penetration, and then remove excess material.

Helpful Hint: Penetrating Sealer will amber slightly; do not use on white or light colored masonry surfaces.

Do not thin. Use as packaged.

Approximately 300 to 600 square feet per gallon.

Drying Time
Penetrating Sealer will dry in 12 to 16 hours. Allow 12 to 16 hours drying time prior to topcoating. High humidity, low temperature or lack of air movement will extend drying time.

Using a cleaning solvent, such as paint thinner or mineral spirits, is recommended for clean up.  The use of paint thinners or mineral spirits may violate VOC compliancy in your area. Check with your local government agencies to ensure proper compliancy.

To avoid spontaneous combustion during temporary storage, soak soiled rags and waste immediately after use in a water-filled, closed metal container.

MAX VOC: 200 grams/liter (7.6 lbs/gal)

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Why use a sealer?

Sealers help to protect interior and exterior surfaces. With deep penetration, the sealer helps to seal out moisture on wood, masonry and concrete. Penetrating Sealers also contains Ultra-Violet Absorbers for advanced sun protection.

Use Penetrating Sealer on:

  • Exterior wood surfaces; Topcoat with Spar-Marine Varnish or Ascend Exterior™
  • Exterior brick, masonry and concrete
  • Natural rock surfaces
  • Interior window sills and trim; topcoat with Spar-Marine Varnish or Ascend Exterior™

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