Furniture Refinisher

Product Details

This is a fast-acting liquid finish remover. It quickly dissolves varnish, lacquer and shellac. This product will not destroy the patina or natural color of wood. It will no raise the grain or loosed glue joints, veneers, inlays, wood filler or laminated woods.


Where to Use
Furniture Refinisher is recommended to dissolve varnish, lacquer and shellac. Ideal to remove finishes on fine furniture and antiques. Can also be used as an after wash following paint removal.

Before you Begin
• Read the entire label, its directions and cautions carefully.
• Use caution when opening can. Hold rag over cap until pressure is released.
• For best results, use when temperature is between 60° and 85°F. Apply away from strong breezes and hot sun.

To Apply
• Pour a small amount of Furniture Refinisher into a wide mouth container. Dip a small piece of steel wool in the Refinisher. Squeeze out excess.
• Gently rub the surface with the dampened steel wool. Work within a small area. As the old finish becomes tacky, rinse and squeeze steel wool in the work container. Continue until all tackiness and residue is removed from the working area.
• Repeat on adjacent areas, overlapping each work area until the entire project is clean. Rub surface with long strokes following woodgrain. Use clean refinisher and steel wool. Buff with clean, dry steel wool or towel.
• Allow surface to dry thoroughly. Apply finish coat when surface is completely dry and dust free.

To Refinish
We recommend Old Masters® Tung Oil for a hand rubbed finish, or Old Masters® varnishes or polyurethanes for a protective finish.

MAX VOC: 816 g/L (6.8lbs/gal)

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Old Masters offers an extensive line of Wood Care products that enable you to beautify, protect or refinish all of your fine wood finishes. Using a combination of Old Masters Wood Care products will ensure these treasured pieces will sustain their beauty forever.

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Lemon Oil, Cleaner & Wax Remover and Paste Wax are best for. . .

Restoring beauty and luster to interior wood surfaces. Cleaner & Wax Remover gently removes wax and polish buildup, while Lemon Oil replenishes natural oils found in fine woods. Paste Wax adds richness and luster to wood surfaces and is best used as a polish.


Tung Oil and Tung Oil Varnish are best for. . .

Creating a beautiful, hand-rubbed finish. Both products are ideal for use on antiques and fine furniture. These easy to use, rub on finishes are nearly fool proof and can be applied easily with a rag.


Furniture Refinisher is best for. . .

Quickly dissolving varnish, lacquer and shellac finishes. Furniture Refinisher gently removes these finishes without damaging the wood’s surface. This product will not raise the grain or loosen glue joints, veneers, inlays, wood fillers or laminated woods.

Technical Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

  • 00608 – Furniture Refinisher – Half Pint  English
  • 00604 – Furniture Refinisher – Quart  English
  • 00601 – Furniture Refinisher – Gallon  English