Why We Love It

Fruitwood enlivens the gentle sensibility of soft, subtle shades. Sun kissed yet pale, this shade reflects light and is a natural palette pleaser to other colors in the space. Simple but satisfying, Fruitwood blankets surfaces in a healthy glow keeping things clean while highlighting the hue’s star quality. This shade is both flexible and unassuming and provides the perfect framework for any design style.


Mild Mannered

An enchanting retreat overflowing with elements of sky, sea and sand, this bedroom is comfort without compromise. The soft, glowing tone of the room originates with walls doused with blush color. Pops of white enliven the space’s serene sensibility while the Fruitwood stained furniture facilitates a relaxed-chic vibe. Neutral carpeting provides plush footing under toe while creating the illusion of more space. Luxurious bedding lends to the coastal retreat feel and suggests a feeling of escape and rest.

To replicate the furniture in this space, we suggest using Old Masters Fruitwood Penetrating Stain, Old Masters Oil-Based Sanding Sealer and Old Masters Tung Oil Varnish.

Wood Species

on maple
on pine
on birch
on oak
on poplar
on fiberglass