Pickling White

Why We Love It

The opaque white pigment in Pickling White creates what is classically known as white washing. A centuries-old technique, white washing has gained popularity recently in the shabby chic trend.

Chalky undertones in this color instantly produce carefree style while maintaining a touch of femininity. Endlessly versatile, it can evoke rustic elegance or cottage chic or anything in between. Best of all, the opaque white beautifully reflects light to brighten up any space.


Washed in White

A daring design of white on white strikes the perfect cord in this inspiring space. White washed floors take the room from predictable to unexpected. Symmetrically placed furniture forms a cozy gathering space around a tastefully contemporary coffee table. French doors and high transom windows draw the eye upward to the expansive ceiling. Massive ceiling beams in rich cedar provide striking architectural detail above. Elegant wood paneling envelopes the back wall, punctuated with a dramatic piece of colorful art.

To replicate the floor in this space, we suggest using Old Masters Pickling White Water-Based Wood Stain, Old Masters Water-Based Sanding Sealer, and Old Masters Water-Based Polyurethane.

Wood Species

on maple
on pine
on birch
on oak
on poplar
on fiberglass